Who we are

We’re Flo and Felipe, co-founders of The Way Factory. We started this adventure with the aim of helping people build purpose-driven lives.

We are neither coaches, nor psychologists, nor therapists. 

 We are in search of well-being, wisdom, peace, and serenity. We are curious about everything that relates to becoming a better version of ourselves and living our lives intentionally.

 Our personal path has led us to listen to tens of podcasts, read hundreds of books, and watch thousands of videos on personal development, life philosophy, and psychology.

 We spend a lot of time studying, identifying, and trying to get the best out of what we learn, in order to extract the key concepts and apply them in our daily lives.

 We believe that our journey, beyond helping us grow, could also serve and resonate with other people.

 We thought that we could teach the tools and knowledge that have helped us improve, grow, and achieve some of our goals.

Our ambition is to share with you everything we have experimented with, and that has helped us in our quest for figuring out how to improve in different aspects of our lives.

That is why we created The Way Factory!

Here, we will not tell you that your life will be transformed overnight, in 4 hours, or in 2 days. It is a path that requires time, patience, persistence, and tolerance towards yourself. 

 Similarly, we are humans with defaults, fears, and doubts. We absolutely do not claim to have reached absolute happiness or perfect fulfillment. And it is, we think, what allows us to understand you better, and what allows you to be able to easily relate to us. We are in this together!

We’re happy to have you here and hope that what we have to share will help you build wholesome, purpose-driven lives. See you around!

The Way Factory

Out there, you hear a lot about the so-called “work-life balance”. We don’t believe in that. This approach leads to the conception of work and life as two elements that cannot coexist.

We spend an enormous amount of time at work, which inevitably ends up becoming an important part of our lives whether we want it or not. Ultimately, work is life.

Considering that, we created this site with one goal in mind: To provide you with tools that lead you to a career that’s in alignment with your personal objectives and aspirations: To help you find your way.

Ok, enough philosophy for the day! Another one of our mottos is that life is not to be taken so seriously. Throughout our posts, and courses, you will notice awesome jokes in the middle of a serious subject! The idea is for you to have an enjoyable time while you learn.

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April 18, 2019