A Quick Reminder About Time

Picture by: Ben White

A few days ago my mother told me that she felt that time was running out and that she would like to put it “on pause”. She asked me if I had any advice on how to make time go slower! 

And I was unable to answer because I myself find that time passes very (too) fast, and focusing on the present moment through yoga, meditation or the like does not change that!  

But her question reminded me of the importance of treasuring every moment.

Other than at the dentist, or in the line at the supermarket, time usually flies! Sometimes it overwhelms us, scares us, makes us anxious, makes us sad. 

And at the same time, realizing that life goes by so fast should instead lead us to a celebration of life and the extraordinary potential it offers to us.

Realizing the times goes by quickly allows us to dearly value every single moment.

So thank you Mom for reminding me that time flies, that we must be humble in the face of time, and that since we can’t add years to life we should add life to the years. 

Seneca said, “It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it”.

He’s right! Tomorrow is not promised, so let us not waste this precious time on aggressivity, wickedness, or hatred. 

Let us not devalue the time we have and let us make the best use of it by cultivating our joy, being aligned with our desires, and being humane. 

We don’t have control over the years, but we have the freedom to choose how to live those years, so let’s try to live them fully and to dare greatly 😉

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