It’s ok not to feel good. Just let go!

Picture by: Anthony-Tran

If you read our post “How To Turn A Bad Day Into a Good One”, you might be familiar with the small actions you can take to feel better if you aren’t having the best of days.

This time, I wanna address an alternative to this, which might make sense depending on what feels good to you: Not to try to feel better, just let go instead.

Today I’m tired. I’m feeling down, and when I’m down, I usually motivate myself to do something that makes me feel better. I meditate, I read, I do yoga, I go outside to get some fresh air. 

But there are also days where I completely let myself go, where I don’t try to get better, or even worse, I intensify my mood by watching Mufasa die for the 1000th time and listen to “Someone Like You” from Adele!

Does this happen to you, too?! I can hear you from here whispering, “yes!” 

And you know what? It is not a big deal. It’s okay, it doesn’t matter! 

I have a bad inclination of feeling guilty about everything. I never feel “enough” or that I don’t do “enough.” I feel guilty about not doing anything, at least to get better. 

And the guilt adds up to the blues; it’s a vicious cycle. So, I’m slowly learning to let go. There is still a long (a really long) way to go before the guilt completely leaves my mind but being aware of it is already a step! 

Accept that there are worse days, accept that you don’t feel like it, accept that you want to stay in front of Netflix. Accept that you are sensitive. There’s nothing shameful, there’s nothing guilt-ridden, there’s nothing wrong. We are ALL the same! Yes, yes, even the people you follow on Instagram with their purportedly “perfect” lives and their spinach smoothie! 😉 

Beware of the pressure inherent to social networks! Instagram is not a representation of reality; we ALL have some bad times, or we just want to stay in bed. So, turn off your Instagram, and let’s accept it! Let’s be patient, tolerant, and gentle with ourselves. 

I regularly share positive, optimistic, encouraging content with you. Content that is very much oriented towards wellness and personal development; content to feel good. 

But behind the girl writing these empowering newsletters lies, above all, a human being, and even if I love my life, that doesn’t mean everything is always rosy. I feel doubt, fear, and vulnerability, too! 

I will never make you believe that everything is always perfect—I’m not a robot! I can’t press an “on” button and feel good, productive, and efficient every single day. And you know what? The world doesn’t stop spinning. Do you know what else? Tomorrow will be a better day! So, embrace this “letting go.” Don’t judge yourself; listen to your bodies and breathe.

As Hermann Hesse says “some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.” 😉

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