Question your beliefs

Let’s talk about the importance of deconditioning! 

Take the power over your life

We are all in a quest for happiness, satisfaction, and one of the steps to feel good is to be in agreement with oneself, it is to make choices in accordance with one’s desires and this is what we push you to do at The Way Factory.

Happiness comes from the adequacy between who we are, our aspirations and our life. The goal is to be yourself by doing the work you enjoy, by choosing the partner you want, by choosing the life model that inspires you. 

In short, happiness comes by taking power over your life and not by making (no) choices that correspond to societal dictates, or what your parents, your surroundings and your family expect. It’s much easier said than done, I’ll grant you that. But one of the essential steps to get there is to step back and “decondition” yourself. 

Time to unlearn

That is to say, to question the belief system in which you have always been evolving. Are long studies necessarily synonymous with success? Is living in a city where you don’t speak the language really impossible? Is changing jobs at 50 so complicated? Are milk and meat really indispensable for the body?!  Do you really have to gain experience before creating a company? 

There are endless beliefs and facts that our environment and society repeat to us since our childhood. We take these facts as truths as when we are young, we think that the word of the adult is necessarily right. 

But some of our conditioning leads to limiting beliefs, and they blind our ambitions and curb our ability to reach our goals. 

We suffer from some of our beliefs because they condemn us to be what we are not, to do what we don’t want, and to say what we don’t think. Our belief system controls or even annihilates our dreams.

Thus please take 5 minutes and ask yourself this question: Are my beliefs an absolute truth or the result of conditioning? Have I constructed my own beliefs or am I the result of my father’s beliefs? Or my mother’s? Surroundings? School? Society? Religion? Are my beliefs aligned with my inner nature?

A lot is talked about learning, yet unlearning what conditions us to fail is as essential. Be critical, identify your limiting beliefs, dispose of what slows you down. 

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