6 Things You Should Do on Your First Day of Work

Things You Should Do on Your First Day of Work
Picture by: Denise Jans

Your first day at work… Be assured that you won’t sleep the night before. It’s normal! We’ve all been there!

If you find yourself on the verge of starting a new professional adventure, here are 6 things you should do on your first of work:

1. Prepare your outfit and bag with a pen and notebook

A real schoolkid! Having a good presentation and taking the tools you need will help you create a very positive first impression on your day.

Failing to do this might make you look unprofessional, unprepared or inexperienced.

Remember there’s one and only one first impression… Make it count!!

2. Be humble and positive

There’s nothing worse than a cocky, pretentious new colleague. You’re there to bond, not to alienate!

First, you must observe and listen carefully to what your colleagues say and do. That will help you have a grasp of what their common values are. Be respectful about them and try to adapt. Of course, your flexibility ends when your own values are compromised. Adapt while remaining yourself.

If you’ve had past experiences already, avoid comparing too much with your previous company. I know it’s a very common involuntary reaction, but it won’t help!

Finally, but not for that least importantly, do not start criticizing. The first-day enthusiasm must prevail. Plus, it’ll make you look bad. Focus on the positive 🙂

3. Be interested

There’s always lots of unknown topics/circumstances/situations on your first day at work. Take the chance of being outside of your comfort zone to show that knowledge-eager mind of yours.

Ask questions, as general or as detailed as you want. Be curious, seize the knowledge of the brilliant colleagues you have next to you.

It’ll cause a good impression, it will help you in the adaptation process and it will help you grow, both personally and professionally.

4. Take some notes

This comes as a complement to the tip above (and it’s also mentioned in my interview guide). The previous suggestion is addressed at your present self. This one is for the benefit of your future self.

Take all the notes you can! The vast majority of things will be new to you. Therefore, try to document as much of that new information as possible. It’ll come extremely handy later. Trust me 🙂

5. Have lunch with the team

What a better way to kick off your new job than having lunch with the people you’ll hang out most of your time with?

It’s one of those things that’s holistically positive. You get to know them, they get to know you. It’ll help you in the adaptation process, you’ll feel more comfortable among your colleagues. You’ll become one of them. All of that while enacting one of life’s biggest pleasures: Eating!

Don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues for their lunch plans if they haven’t asked you. Take the initiative if necessary.

6. [Optional] Bring some pastries on your first day

This one’s controversial, though.

I recently had a big debate on whether to do this or not. Some think it’s a foolish gesture, too much of an ass-kisser. Others believe it’s a good way to be nice and facilitate integration.

I’d personally love it if a new employee brought pastries on their first day!

In my opinion, taking the time to do this can be a highly appreciated gesture from your new colleagues. It’ll be more loved than hated. I mean, who doesn’t like pastries??

It all comes down to your preferences, and whether you’re capable of baking in the first place!!

I hope these 6 things you should do on your first day of work come in handy and help you cause a great first impression!

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